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AIRED: 06-07-2014

Today the Covert Report gives a special shout to all of the 9/11 Truth Community! My guest, Claudio Marty, talks about the campaign sweeping social media, “I am the Face of 9/11 Truth,” and why 9/11 Truth continues to be a decisive matter in defining our political conscience that refuses to go away. Though 9/11 is often factionalized, my interview with Marty focuses on the forces that unify the movement into a force of reckoning, which has trumped corporate media efforts to kill it off. It’s intended to celebrate the umpteen thousands who wear the badge– and ALL the organizers on Facebook and social media, who have made 9/11 Truth the face of America and the World! Sometimes truth feels lonely. Through social media (and radio!) we are bold and indefatigable! Let’s just say it: Truth rocks–

website: http://www.iamthefaceoftruth.com/

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