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AIRED: 06-01-2014

Today our guest on the Covert Report, activist and author Ole Dammegard,sneaks us past the gate keepers in black limos into the Bilderberg Society, exposing one of the most corrupt projections of elitist power at the moment of its faltering. The author of “Coup D’Etat in Slow Motion” portrays the rise of Bilderberg against a backdrop of Operation Gladio & its strategy of tension. He maps out a false flag scenario that highlights the inevitability of conflict between this geriatric old men rattling like skeletons in a small hotel conference room, up against the vibrant, teaming masses of activists. Dammegard shows us that it’s only a matter of time before a final confrontation is inevitable. Asked which side is destined to win, Dammegard shows the power of populism is guaranteed to triumph if only the greater world population recognizes that by sheer numbers, we have the capability to shirk off their control.


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