THE ISRAELI CONNECTION TO 9/11 w/ Christopher Bollyn >>


AIRED: 05-31-2014

Today on the Covert Report, we have an exceptional guest, 9/11 researcher Christopher Bollyn. His book, “Solving 9:11: The Deception that Changed the World” is must reading to understand the Israeli connection to 9/11 and Israel’s history of false flag operations as political cover. From dancing Israelis to the extraordinary video shot of the airplanes striking the towers, captured by Mossad, we’ll examine All the News the New York Times refuses to print about 9/11. Bollyn was himself targeted for malicious prosecution in the cover up of scientific research into nano-thermite found in dust at Ground Zero. Bollyn’s insight to the many Israeli Zionist connections before, during and after 9/11 is nothing short of brilliant, what he compares to Russians Dolls– a crime inside a crime inside a crime. All of his conclusions are well-researched and grounded in historically validated evidence. This interview was very exciting for me as a host! I hope you will enjoy it!


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