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AIRED: 05-17-2014

A lot of Americans have come to bitterly resent the Israeli Lobby’s interference in Washington affairs. We recognize that AIPAC carries more weight in Congress than American constituents, and we’re angry that America’s Middle Class has been sacrificed to fight Israel’s Wars in the Middle East. Nevertheless, most of us are flummoxed when Israeli Patriots (completely devoted to their own national image) launch into poetic propaganda of how Israel most closely resembles U.S values in the Middle East. Most of us don’t know how to respond to AIPAC’s propaganda, because we don’t know what Israel’s really like. Thanks to the corporate media, most of us are woefully ignorant of Israel’s apartheid abuses of the Palestinian people.

May 15 was Nakba Day for Palestinians, translated as the “Day of Catastrophe” — the day that Israel was declared a State in 1948. My guest, Trevor LaBonte will show us why in this special interview on the Lies of Israel’s Virtue. Whether you care about Palestinians– or not– Americans have got to understand how Israel functions, if we’re going to defeat this propaganda extrolling Israeli virtues as a democracy. Monday, March 3rd, 2014
Interview by Gilad Atzmon

“Until two years ago, Trevor LaBonte was one of the most successful Jazz artists in Texas. He had been performing every night and in the most prestigious venues. He was the first-call guitar player for many of Austin’s prominent musicians. But then it all changed.

Gilad Atzmon: Trevor you were a local Jazz hero, what happened?

Trevor LaBonte: An activist named Craig Berlin, owner of Pro-Tape Staff in Austin, organized a campaign to destroy my career by terrorizing the entire Austin music community. He creates Facebook posts in which he tags 50 or 60 important people in town, and reports to them that I am a ‘Nazi,’ an ‘Anti-Semite,’ and a ‘holocaust denier.’ Berlin demands that everyone must do everything in their power to make sure I never play another note in public. At first, most people ignored him, but then others took up his cause, including the radio DJ Andy Langer from KGSR, helping to make sure I have become a hate figure and completely ostracized.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Let me understand correctly, you didn’t publish a book or even an article, all that vile campaign against you was launched because you expressed some thoughts on your own Facebook page? Is it correct?

–Yes, that’s what happened.

How have your friends reacted to this onslaught?

–They are confused and afraid, mostly. Many of them quietly agree with at least some of what I say, and they are still friends with me. But understandably, they are scared to be listed in a performance announcement with me, since they would be certain to draw the hissing and screeching and boycott of Craig Berlin’s fans. Most of my friends are sad and just want to play music together. Anyone who tries to stick up for me, or just moderate the witch hunt against me, risks being similarly attacked themselves. And the attacks are vile. Musicians are not used to being vilified for unusual opinions

I guess that it would be correct to argue that the entire Jazz community is strictly speaking terrorized by this Jewish campaign to ostracize you.

– Many of the musicians in Austin are Jewish and are among my friends. The campaign against me is being orchestrated by about 10 Jewish people who have publicly agreed amongst themselves that I have fallen ‘gravely mentally ill’, must be taken immediately to a ‘psychiatric institution’ and be ‘heavily dosed with meds.’

This sounds familiar..

– One recommend that I be castrated by chainsaw.

This is clearly more radical treatment than the traditional rabbinical circumcision apparatus..

–There were many other violent threats and fantasies, which are an interesting and revealing response to my mission statement: I advocate universal human rights and opposition to supremacism, violence and corruption of all forms, Jewish, Christian or otherwise. I also believe in the free exchange of ideas and free speech.”

“I have now met your beautiful and kind girlfriend and your lovely parents. I saw a lot of fear, it seems that everyone around you is subject to harassment by Berlin and his defamation troopers, I even learned from venue owners that they were harassed by Berlin and his klan. Have you ever spoke to Craig? Did you meet him?”

“We have only communicated briefly on Facebook. He keeps me blocked now, so I can’t even see what he is saying about me, let alone defend myself. I have no choice except to just let him go crazy for the world to see. I hope this demonic ranting helps people to understand the rampant madness raging in such obsessed minds.”


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