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AIRED: 05-11-2014

In the two years since the OCCUPY Movement crescendoed as a political force across the United States, the Feds have pounded an unforgiving fist against the mostly young activists who formed the core of peaceful protesters. Our guest today, Rachel Allshiny, talks about the latest trials and sentencing of Cecily McMillan in New York and the NATO 3 in Chicago. A picture emerges of the aftermath for young activists that promises to have deep repercussions for urban civic life. An activist dedicated to prison support for OCCUPY activists, Allshiny shows us why trust in municipal police, the courts and local politicians has been badly scarred, even shattered. And what then, America? The fall out from these prosecutions might be greater than local politicians have yet to comprehend. Is there a future for national politics at all? Is class warfare ahead? Check out this interview with Rachel Allshiny to witness the resilience of one of OCCUPY’s true heroines! She’s an amazing voice, and she’s not backing down!


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