AIRED: 04-26-2014

Our guest today is John Phillips, investigator and expert on the Boston Marathon bombing, who met the Tsarnaev brothers in 2005, when they were teenagers dealing marijuana as part of a street crew, without any political consciousness. Phillips takes a unique look behind the investigation at the young men, who had active, frequent contact with the FBI after getting arrested on marijuana charges. He talks about the older brother, Tamerlan’s beliefs that he was experiencing “majestic mind control,” which might be tied to the MIT building where the police officer was shot. Phillips raises serious questions if the brothers received assistance, training, and direction from some other source– He points to the extraordinary Israeli linkages to the Boston police, including possible torture techniques from Israel that might have resulted in the older brother’s death in police custody. Phillips has first-hand access to witnesses and family members that takes listeners behind the headlines. Check it out!

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AIRED: 10-30-2022