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AIRED: 04-20-2014

President Obama’s miscalculations backing regime change in Ukraine have become abundantly plain. While European leaders demanded that pro-Russian activists surrender the fight, Russia’s President Putin appears to have drawn his own line in the sand with a history lesson on political allegiance and land ownership dating back to the Czars. Today’s guest, Denis Schedrivy, an activist from Kharkiv, explains why history is against the Kiev Junta that ousted the legally elected President in a violent coup two months ago. Schedrivy shows why Putin is winning in East Ukraine without putting a single Russian boot on the ground. From army defections, to mediocre Ukrainian tanks and military training, it’s been a bad week for Kiev. Support for independence is escalating wildly. But is that Russia’s fault? Does Putin seek a land grab in the East, as Washington & NATO insist? Or would secession in Donetsk hobble Russia’s long term military objectives? Schedrivy provides some surprising insight as to why the break up of Ukraine would handicap Russia’s strategic objectives– and why mis-steps by the Kiev Junta might compel that outcome over Putin’s best efforts to stop it… Check out the Covert Report with Susan Lindauer to see why.

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