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AIRED: 03-16-2014

My guests are Crimean activists who provide an inside look at today’s historic elections to rejoin Russia. There can be no doubt the will of the people has prevailed! By all accounts, today’s elections were a great success, a festive occasion– not marred by a police presence or any violent disruptions or bombings. By 5pm, 70% of voters had cast ballots, with polling stations open for another 3 hours. Tonight Crimeans will be celebrating with a music festival. In this interview, Crimean activists share their own vision for the future– and explain the reasons for their opposition to European integration and NATO expansion! Indeed, today’s guests explain why this vote was 23 years in the making. Washington would be wise to pay close attention to popular demands in eastern & southeastern Ukraine for a new Ukraine of federal states with semi-autonomy and the ability to reject western controls. The cards in Ukraine are not folding the way Washington expected or hoped. Hear why Ukrainian people are supporting the Russian military amassed on their borders! Above all, the rest of us can observe a successful democratic transition, according to the decisive will of the people! Only tyrants & censors should be worried!

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