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AIRED: 01-31-2014

A groundbreaking advance in the fight to expose Chemtrails is about to become as easy as a smart-phone app. Today’s guest on the Covert Report, Frank Rasmusson from Denmark describes the new Flight Pollution Radar app, which will allow users anywhere in the world to capture data on chemtrail flights, artificial weather fronts and HAARP technology, and upload it simultaneously to a global data base, which other app users can access immediately. The new App has the capability to identify spikes in HAARP technology, register, and share it for analysis by users. Once a sizable data base is established through user interface, scientists at the University of Athens in Greece are on board to study patterns and trends for scientific impact data. The Flight Pollution Radar app is scheduled for release on February 15, providing an unprecedented tool to ordinary people who want to hold our government accountable to us!


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