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AIRED: 01-18-2014

While NSA scandals dominate the headlines, a more sinister government agency has been waging war on whistleblowers & their friends, using Stasi style apparatchik and Cointelpro tactics, including the possible murder of 3 witnesses to government corruption, including Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon. In a superb interview, whistleblower Julia Davis takes listeners inside the Department of Homeland Security, exposing a psychopathic bureaucracy and powerful evidence that Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon, were indeed poisoned and murdered, after becoming entangled in a cover up of internal bureaucratic corruption at DHS. Julia Davis provides missing pieces of the story related to her own lawsuit against DHS, and demonstrates powerful cause why the deaths of Brittany and Simon, 5 months later should be re-opened by homocide detectives in Los Angeles. It’s a saga of black helicopters, unauthorized commando raids, sneak & peak attacks on Murphy’s home (verified by 56 motion sensor cameras inside her home that captured footage of the warrantless searches), not to mention a Homeland Security beating of Brittany’s husband. Julia Davis makes shocking revelations that Brittany Murphy was about to testify in open court about corruption at the Department of Homeland Security that would have disgraced the agency. Julia Davis shows motives galore, also raising serious questions about the death of yet a third witness, a 25 year old witness who died for inexplicable reasons after videotaping a commando raid by 27 ICE troopers, also tied to the Julia Davis case.  Don’t miss this interview on the Covert Report with Susan Lindauer.


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