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AIRED: 12-14-2013

In the vanguard fight for internet freedom, a few names stand out– Jeremy Hammond, Wikileaks and Barrett Brown, now fighting criminal prosecution in a government psy op where black hats are white, and hackivists are demonized. Today’s guest, Vivien Weisman was the first journalist permitted to interview Jeremy Hammond at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan prior to his 10 year sentence for his famous Stratfor hack that captured 5.2 million emails from this shadowy private intelligence contractor and its clients. Who put him up to it? The FBI, apparently. Vivien reveals how the FBI has exploited hacktivists to penetrate Stratfor & other megalithic private security firms for the FBI’s own gain, only to criminalize the hacktivist who exposes shadowy, clandestine world of security firms. Don’t miss this episode of the Covert Report, exposing the criminalization of dissent! Vivien joins us at the 16 minute mark.

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