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AIRED: 11-30-2013

The perils of Life in post-Gadhaffi Libya” are expounded by a highly confidential Libyan woman, called “FATAH” who travels frequently in Europe. “Fatah” describes a New Libya run by 1,700 private militias and thieving politicians who steal tens of millions from the Libyan Treasury. A Libya that requires two suitcases of bribes for officials traveling outside the country, transporting Libya’s wealth. A Libya where modern women are forced to wear burqas & cannot drive a car, or walk outside the home for fear of kidnappings & beatings. A new Libya run by Qatari financed Wahabis, who demand Shariah for the people, but steal, rape women and defy all Islamic principles in their own private lives. “Fatah” reveals a Libya in chaos.


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