The Collapse of Wall-Street, Higher Understanding and The Cannabis Resolution – w/ Karen Tostado, Robert Polonsky, Kevin From Minn >>


AIRED: 09-17-2011

Hour 1: We are joined Karen Quinn Tostado to discuss the blocking of Wall Street and what this could mean to the economy.

Hour 2, 3: We are joined by economist, alternative thinker and event co-coordinator for George Kavassalis , Robert Polonsky to further elaborate on the debt crisis and what is going on at Wall-Street. We ultimately ask the question, “does it matter in the grand scheme of things?” We also discuss the possibility of a staged alien invasion or even a REAL alien invasion and the possibility of benevolent forces looking down upon the earth.

Hour 4: We are joined by Kevin from Minnesota to discuss the Cannabis Resolution and why Cannabis Reform is beneficial to not only recreational and medicinal users but to every single person on this world and the environment too.


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