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AIRED: 05-13-2018

NHS MURDERS THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS and hushes it up! 19,000 UNEXPECTED DEATHS in the NHS were NOT reported in the government statistics – BITCOIN, ETHERUEM and EOS NEWS – Plus advice on how to make TAX FREE EARNINGS with an investment of just $50 dollars – UNUSUAL BRILLIANT MOVIES – We review and recommend the movies which Hollywood would rather you knew NOTHING ABOUT – ALSO – HOLLYWOOD BUSINESS GOES BUST – Hardly a single movie in 2017 made a profit – though it looks as if the CIA are co-funding ‘Movies with a message’! And who OWNS the WEINSTEIN MOVIES now that the company has folded in the MeToo scandal? INTERDIMENSIONAL id3D CAMERAS GIVE US UNIQUE INSIDE-VIEWS of ancient artefacts from Egypt and Sumeria – yes new cameras allow us to LOOK INSIDE ancient artefacts!
VENEZUELA – the legacy of CHAVEZ – is MADURO a good guy or a MOLE designed to destroy anything good which Chavez achieved – and how come the interest rates in Latin America are 32%??? CATALONIA INDEPENDENCE – the latest news from a nation of 7 million people under brutal gestapo rule.


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