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AIRED: 12-24-2017

HOW TO GET RICH IN 2018: Everything you need to know about sheltering your cash like the super-rich do, earning money in secret like the rich do and setting up PENSIONS and COLLEGE FEES accounts using BITCOIN… Also HOW TO BUY CARS using BITCOIN…
– PEOPLE POWER – 2017 WAS THE YEAR OF REVOLUTION – 2018 will be the year of BITCOIN and the DEATH OF BANKS��Our show today will be covering the following subjects:
– HOW TO GET RICH in 2018 using BITCOIN, VERGE and EOS
– FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP is being challenged in the European Court of Human Rights – its the END OF BLOCKS
– Catalan Referendum UPDATE live from Barcelona
* A whole new DIGITAL CURRENCY for Catalonia
* Catalonia will JOIN UP WITH ANDORRA and break free of the EU
* BASQUE country will be next
* Perpignan will BREAK AWAY from France


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AIRED: 12-02-2018

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AIRED: 11-25-2018