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By Luckee

Sep 05, 2015

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I am dismayed to see all the hubris regarding the court clerk Kim Davis of Kentucky refusing to issue marriage licenses. It is terribly apparent that her actions is only fodder for the media machine of both the liberal and conservative controllers. Both sides are milking this story for all it the publicity they can get.  If I were her boss I would have told her to put in writing why she refused to do the job she was hired to do, and fired her.

Normally when an employee refuses to do the job they are hired for, that employee gets fired. But then we have to consider that she is in an act of civil disobedience. Or do we? What is civil disobedience? It is disobeying a law, not the act of getting paid to do a job while not doing that job? No.  So again, she should be fired.

The argument from the conservatives (I am not calling them the ‘right’.) is that the supreme court ruling, allowing gay marriages and for the states to issue licenses for such, is not lawful. That is true. But that is not the contention here, for, the Supreme Court doesn’t have the right to rule on the states’ issuances on any marriage at all. Alabama is the only state who has seen fit to deal with the issue of licensing marriages.  They stopped altogether, which should have been the case anyway.  For any state to become embroiled in the business of marriages and for the people to allow the state to do so is a slave/master mentality. Yes, if we have to ask permission from the state to be married, that is just like the the serfs and slaves of old who would petition their lords or owners for the privilege.  So by asking for permission to be married, is an automatic admission of slavery.

Americans of all the States have the right to enter into a contract, verbal or written, without permission or impositions of the state. A marriage is a contract. Should any American wish, they may file any contract they have and have the local clerk of court enter it into the record of that jurisdiction. But the state has no business permitting or prohibiting contracts of those Americans in their majority.

Many ask for the state’s help so they may receive spousal benefits. That authority/responsibility, does not belong to the state either. When one is hired to do a job, and the employer gives benefits, that agreement or contract is between the employer and employee. If the employer refuses to provide benefits to homosexual spouses, that is within the confines of the contract between the two. If the individual does not like any part of the contract, they do not have to agree on that contract and they can find an employer elsewhere who’s benefit plan does include those spousal benefits.

Again, none of this falls under the purview of the State.

Now we come to what is referred to as God’s Law. Or more specifically the Bible of the Christians, for that is the authority under which many conservatives speak on homosexual marriages. There is no instances in the bible in which any couple had to petition the State or Government for a marriage license, or permission. Nope, not in there.

Back to the issue of Kim Davis in Kentucky.

you're fired

Instead of putting her in jail, for not doing  her job as she was told to do, (oh yeah it is called civil disobedience) she should have merely been fired. That is it.  A violation of an employment contract that did no physical harm to another, is not a jailable offense. So that judge is in error for jailing her for what he calls contempt. This is where one needs to learn the difference in Rule of Law and Rule of Force.

Where would the media be had this been dealt with properly?  Eh, maybe a lawsuit by Davis that would have gone nowhere.  And just so all know: The supreme court decision made homosexual marriage legal.  They didn’t make it lawful. Lawful means Natural law. The supreme court cannot make anything lawful, even heterosexual marriages.