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Dec 21, 2020

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Search for more than 400 tax deductions and credits to maximize your refund. If you used TurboTax last year, all of your information will automatically be transferred into the current year, simplifying tax preparation. This feature enables you to take a photo of your W-2s with your mobile device for automatic input. You may also be able to directly import your W-2 information if your employer is one of the more than 1 million companies that make their W-2s available online. You will qualify for the TurboTax Free Edition if you have W-2 income, Earned Income Tax Credit and child tax credits. If your situation is more complicated, you may need to purchase one of the other TurboTax versions.

You’re performing the actual information input, but it’s like having a CPA working at your side as you do. You can quickly and easily connect to a tax expert, simply by clicking “Expert Help” in the program. You can get help with personal and work income, as well as complex tax situations. Deducts expenses related to a mortgage refinance, including mortgage points and appraisal fees.

It will ask you all of the necessary questions, and all you need to do is input the information. You don’t have to know anything about preparing taxes whatsoever. TurboTax has a large volume of tax preparation resources, including live-support on the premium versions. TurboTax added their fifth version, TurboTax® Live, for the 2017 tax year. This is the third year this service will be available to taxpayers. The “live” part of the title refers to live assistance by a CPA or an enrolled agent . With this version, you prepare your tax return the same way you would with the other TurboTax versions.

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Filing your tax return electronically is faster, safer, and more accurate than filing your tax return on a paper Spotify form. And since the IRS computers can process electronic returns more quickly, you should receive your tax refund faster . There are hundreds of tax deductions, and even seasoned tax professionals struggle with knowing them all. But TurboTax will help you to find any you’re entitled to. TurboTax and QuickBooks are both products of Intuit, so you can import information directly from QuickBooks into TurboTax. This will enable you to prepare for income tax filing all year long if you are a QuickBooks user. It will simplify documentation collection, and make tax preparation much easier for the self-employed.

  • If i copy the same image twice in the drive mount the file becomes unusable.
  • Except some lack of features, for what it is, Google Drive is working flawlessly.
  • If you know any better alternative to Google Drive with good security and monthly payment option please let me know.
  • Also, I have to search for the file in the folder section OR the file section since I don’t know which ones were warped into a folder.
  • When I try to upload a new version, I get “error, folder already exists”, which is frustrating.

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TurboTax Premier includes all of the features of the Free and Deluxe versions. It is specifically for those who have investments in rental property.