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Dec 08, 2020

CopyTrans Manager is a small and compact tool with a setup kit that only measures 4MB in size. As a result, the downloading and installation process should be a breeze. The CopyTrans Control center will be installed and you should be happy to find out that this is the only program that will be installed on your computer, no bundled adware/spyware, toolbars or third-party tools. In terms of system requirements, CopyTrans Manager offers support for all of Windows versions starting from XP. Windows users with WMA song libraries will appreciate a new feature that converts those tracks into AAC files .


  • This tool can overwrite all free space, effectively shredding previously deleted files.
  • In testing with common sites, Steganos didn’t capture anything, and manually choosing Save Form to Keychain didn’t work.
  • With all your passwords stored in one password manager, protecting that treasure trove becomes extremely important.
  • Admittedly, none of the suites build out this feature into the comprehensive encryption system that is Steganos Safe.
  • You can also invoke a comprehensive secure deletion utility by clicking the File Shredder icon in the main window.

Apple is finally bringing its iTunes app to Microsoft’s Windows 10 app store today. Microsoft first revealed nearly a year ago that iTunes would be coming to the Microsoft Store by the end of 2017, but that date came and went. Apple’s iTunes app is the same desktop version available online, but it will be updated and available through the Microsoft Store. This is fine if you know what you’re looking for but does potentially stop you from experimenting with new or unknown music because you’re paying per track. iTunes offers recommendations based on what you already like but this is unlikely to branch you into new genres or introduce you to up-and-coming bands.

It also adds iTunes LPs to the store, which gives additional media with an album. Apple added iTunes Extras as well to the store, which adds content usually reserved for films on DVD and Blu-ray discs. Both iTunes LPs and Extras use web-standards HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Initially conceived of as a simple music player, over time iTunes developed into a sophisticated multimedia content manager, hardware synchronization manager and e-commerce platform. Browse through the virtual shelves of the iTunes Music Store to preview and buy music videos from classics to new releases and iTunes exclusives, for only $1.99. With this relatively new and frequently updated program you can transfer your media easily, without the need for syncing the device every time . You can also manage multiple devices and their libraries without the fear of having one’s contents erased.

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Click Apply at the upper right corner to apply the fixes to the songs. Note that you’ll need to repeat the same deleting step until you erase all the duplicate songs. TuneUp is another well-known iTunes cleaner and organizer, supporting quick duplicates removal Dropbox, missing info (such as song titles, artists, etc.) fixing and album cover retrieving.

That said you can listen to snippets of music here and there, and no doubt your many iTunes friends will have recommendations for you too. You can share your track lists with friends but the various restrictions placed on what you can do with your music files once they have been downloaded can be limiting. Add the feature to support iOS12 and support iTunes which is download from Microsoft store. Purchasing music from iTunes Store is a convenient way for you to get rid of the songs with incomplete music information. Also, the purchased music will provide you an option to download from iCloud. Therefore, even if you delete these songs by accident, you are able to find them back easily.

Compared to later released programs, TuneUp seems to be a little pricely and less automatic. It does save a lot of time, but you still have to finish some operations to utterly clean up your iTunes library, such as manual dragging files to this program from iTunes.

It works well, but only on WMA tracks without digital rights management —meaning that songs you’ve purchased elsewhere online can’t be reencoded. Audiophiles will love the new lossless encoder, which imports tracks with the same quality as uncompressed CD audio but keeps file sizes reasonable. We applaud Apple for bringing iTunes to the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store is miles ahead in installation and uninstallation speed, and delivers seamless deployment and background updates without requiring the users to reboot their computers. Since the Windows Store edition of iTunes is now the default edition, we expect its installation base to grow quickly among Windows 10 users.