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Mar 17, 2020

The Berlin Wall on Bernauer Strasse in Berlin

9.02 a.m.: Restrictions on the U8 due to police operations

Passengers on underground line 8 currently have to plan for delays. As reported by the BVG, there is a police operation. According to information, the stops from Schönleinstraße to Kottbusser Tor are currently not served. Apparently gas has leaked. Trains are diverted.

8.53 a.m.: Senate has distributed almost 10,000 iPads to students

The Berlin Senate has loaned 9,445 iPads to schoolchildren for homeschooling. They should be able to receive and answer e-mails from teachers and do schoolwork from home. This is what the “” Berliner Woche “reports. The acquisition costs amount to 4.8 million euros. Many of the devices in particular were given to students from socially disadvantaged areas. The primary school at the Brandenburg Gate probably only got one iPad, the secondary school at the Schillerpark got 144 devices.

8.17 a.m.: Anti-racism demo and CSD on Saturday

Thousands of people move through Berlin on Saturday. Two major demonstrations are taking place in the capital. A large rally against racism on the big star and an LGBTQ train for Christopher Street Day (CSD) are planned, as the police announced. According to announcements on the Internet, the participants at both events should observe the corona distance rules. 

1,500 participants are registered for the anti-racism rally at the Großer Stern with the motto “Black Lives Matter” “(12.30pm). However, it cannot be ruled out that significantly more will come. At the beginning of June, 15,000 people gathered on Alexanderplatz because of the killing of the African American George Floyd by a police officer in the USA.

Review of the CSD 2019: Also this year there will be a train on the occasion of the 42nd Christopher Street Day (CSD). (Source: snapshot / Archivbild / imago images)

The demonstration against discrimination and for equality between gays, lesbians and transsexuals is scheduled to begin at Nollendorfplatz at 12 noon. The CSD train then runs with the motto “” Berlin Pride 2020 “” via Potsdamer Strasse, Wilhelmstrasse, Unter den Linden to Alexanderplatz. 1,000 people have registered, but a lot more could come here too.

7.43 a.m.: Residents from the Corona house can move into hotels

After numerous residents in a block of flats on the street of the Paris Commune in Berlin-Friedrichshain were infected with the corona virus, they should now be allowed to move to quarantine in hotels. The Berlin health administration pointed this out on Wednesday. The situation should be defused, reports “” rbb24 “”, citing the authority. The health councilor Knut Mildner-Spindler (left) probably does not like this proposal. The sense of accommodation in hotels does not open up to him. “We don’t know whether the conditions there aren’t as cramped as in the apartments.” “They want to continue to accompany the quarantine with social workers. 

Affected youth and daycare facilities were informed immediately about the corona cases. They also offer voluntary tests there. After Neukölln and Spandau, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is now the third Corona hotspot in Berlin. 

7.15 a.m.: Corona cases at Spandau primary school are increasing

The corona situation is coming to a head at the Christoph-Földerich primary school in Berlin-Spandau. The school management informed the parents in a letter that at least eleven students in seven different classes have now tested positive for the corona virus. At the beginning of the outbreak, two weeks ago, there were only five infected. That reported the “” Berliner Abendblatt “”.

In the parents’ letter, the school is said to have assured that the health department in Spandau would get in touch with all contact persons. Affected parents report something else. You should have contacted the health department independently for information.argumentative research paper ideas This would only have confirmed that several children in a class are infected. The school would only have admitted the corona cases and informed them by letter. 

7.13 a.m.: Hello, Berlin!

Good morning and welcome back to the capital ticker. Even today, provides you with the latest news from Berlin. Please stop by every now and then!

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A hunter shot a wolf because the animal allegedly attacked his hunting dogs. Investigations are now underway against the Dutchman. Was he just trying to protect his dogs?

A wolf was shot by a hunter in Brandenburg. This was confirmed by the West Police Department. The animal was killed on Friday during a driven hunt in a forest area in the municipality of Rabenstein / Fläming. According to witness statements, the wolf is said to have attacked hunting dogs, it said.

A complaint had been made against the Dutch hunter for violating the Animal Welfare Act, and the public prosecutor’s office would decide on further investigations.

Attack in Lower Saxony: Ministry of the Environment cannot rule out wolf bites “” Attention hunting “”: Expect startled animals in the hunting season

According to the German Hunting Association (DJV), the hunter is said to have seen the attack on the dogs from a high seat and finally killed the wolf. “” We urgently need legal certainty for all hunters. You have to know how to behave in such an emergency “, explained DJV President Hartwig Fischer. 

In November 2017, a she-wolf was killed by a Danish hunter during a party hunt near Bad Belzig. The Potsdam Public Prosecutor closed the investigation in August 2018 against payment of a four-digit fine.

Sources used: dpa news agency

It was a world sensation when Günter Schabowski almost casually announced the opening of the borders 30 years ago. But to all the jubilee cheers there are also pensive tones – especially from the Chancellor.

According to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), reunification will take significantly more time than originally hoped. “” With some of the things that you thought would align between East and West, you can see today that it takes more than half a century or more, “Merkel told the” Süddeutsche Zeitung “”. “” After ten or twenty years there was hope that it would be faster. But thirty years have something almost final, “” said the 65-year-old from the East.

With this, the Chancellor contradicts the assessment of ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl. In 1990 during the federal election campaign, he spoke of “blooming landscapes” that would soon emerge in the east.

Commemorative events on Saturday

The peaceful revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall will be remembered in Berlin on Saturday. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the Chancellor are expected to attend a central memorial in the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse.

According to Merkel, the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall will be discussed more intensively than earlier anniversaries. “” In addition, it is now perhaps felt more intensely because nationalist and protectionist tendencies have increased worldwide, so that there is again more discussion from the national point of view. And then the focus is increasingly on the differences that exist between the old and the new federal states, “said Merkel in the” “SZ” “.

“” Life in the GDR was sometimes almost comfortable “”

Merkel asked for patience. “” The labor of freedom to decide everything must also be learned, “” she said. “” You have to take care of a lot more, not everyone was born with that. Life in the GDR was sometimes almost comfortable in a certain way because there were some things that you simply couldn’t influence. “”

During the celebrations on Saturday, the Federal President will first receive the Presidents of Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in Bellevue Palace in Berlin before they travel together to the event on Bernauer Straße. There you will also visit the monument “” The Crouching Woman, Standing Up “”, which honors the contribution of the states to the fall of the Wall on November 9, 1989.

The Berlin Wall on Bernauer Strasse in Berlin. (Source: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters)

According to the Mauer Foundation, students will also speak at the memorial event on the former death strip. In addition, roses are to be stuck in the interior wall for the victims. The Chancellor, who will also speak there, also takes part in a prayer service in the Chapel of Reconciliation. Then candles are lit. According to the foundation, this is intended to honor the courage of the GDR opposition that made the peaceful revolution possible.

Bernauer Strasse is a symbol of the division of Germany. When the wall came up in 1961, the front of the street was to the east and the sidewalk to the west. Originally preserved parts of the wall belong to today’s open-air memory landscape.

Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony have planned a joint ceremony with their state leaders. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is expected in the Bavarian court. Hesse and Thuringia celebrate a citizens’ festival together with their Prime Ministers. In the former border town of Mödlareuth, a symbolic gate between Thuringia and Bavaria is to be opened again.

In Berlin, the Federal President will speak to the people at a large stage show at the Brandenburg Gate (6 p.m.), as will Marianne Birthler, a former GDR opposition member. The Staatskapelle Berlin under Daniel Barenboim plays the 5th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. Finally, a fireworks display should rise into the sky.

The program will be opened by Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD). At a ceremony in the House of Representatives on Friday he said: “” Berlin, Germany are happy about what you have achieved in the last 30 years. “”

Study confirms: people’s lives have gotten better

According to a study commissioned by the Foundation for Coming to terms with the SED dictatorship, 74 percent of people think that life has got better after the fall of the Berlin Wall – equally in East and West. More than three quarters consider the opening of the borders to be a stroke of luck. However, 41 percent currently think that the differences between people in East and West Germany outweigh what they have in common. 

30 years of revolution: Enough GDR in school? This is how the German Revolution thinks in 1989: When Oschatz rose up against the SED Dagmar Frederic: “” They want to persuade us that we are losers “”

 With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the division of Germany came to an end after more than 28 years. According to scientific findings, at least 140 people died on the almost 160 kilometer long Berlin Wall as a result of the GDR border regime. A study that found at least 327 people killed on the German-German border recently had doubts.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Berlin (dpa) – First they just argue, then the mostly young men beat and kick each other. The call by two rival YouTubers on the Internet triggered a mass brawl on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz on Thursday evening.
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400 teenagers and young men gathered there in the afternoon. According to the police, about 50 of them then got into an argument and attacked each other with fists, kicks and pepper spray. Videos on the internet show groups of aggressive men fighting each other.

The police moved in with a large number and tried to separate the young people. “” The officials also used irritant gas, “said a spokesman. A man tried to pull a policeman into the crowd. The police made loudspeaker announcements calling on the crowd to leave Alexanderplatz.

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A little later the crowd dispersed. “About 20 of them ran into the subway station and jumped into the track bed, where they pelted themselves with gravel stones,” said the police spokesman. Here the police temporarily arrested seven people involved.

By 9:30 p.m. the situation had calmed down. The police initiated 13 investigations, among other things for dangerous bodily harm and serious breach of the peace. A total of nine people involved were arrested. Two policemen were slightly injured. About 100 police officers were on duty.

The reason for the brawl is probably a long-running argument between two young men with video channels on the Internet portal YouTube: the rapper Thatsbekir from Stuttgart (around 260,000 followers) and Bahar Al Amood from Berlin (13,000 followers). According to a report by the “Berliner Morgenpost”, he is said to belong to a large family of Arab origin from Berlin.

Videos can be found on the Internet in which Bahar Al Amood in particular insults his successful opponent. It’s about banalities like a published phone number and personal insults. Both had probably invited their followers to Alexanderplatz on Thursday afternoon by video. The meeting is announced before Thursday, there is also talk of beating.

The police union (GdP) spoke of a “” gathering of too much testosterone, which was more or less wanted “”. The GdP country chief Norbert Cioma announced: “” We see in the rapper scene and increasingly also with other influencers that they sometimes deal very negligently with their influence and that it is apparently becoming fashionable to consciously open powder kegs to get more followers, subscribers and clicks to generate.””