The Angelic Origins of Sorcery with Gary Wayne >>


AIRED: 09-21-2019

tonight was mind boggling information with host Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne who is the author of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. They discuss the Multi-dimensional Origins of Sorcery and who or what the Watchers/Grigori/Fallen Angels are. Did the actions of these creatures change our Universe and the World forever?? Is it leading to the destruction of mankind and the harvest of souls??? Do these creatures guard dimensional portals and all magic rites because they are the very ones who introduced this spiritual technology into our Realm? Does NASA and CERN interface with these beings…..Ra and Gary tackle these amazing questions and more inside the Eye of Ra in tonights episode !!! in the first segment Ra discusses the Vril society and also his experience with a crystal skull and a 60 ton Rose Granite megalithic sacred structure in North Salem NY. Than for next 1.5 hours Gary Wayne joins the conversation and delivers amazing information and dot connecting like always!!!
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tonight’s show was truly a pleasure to speak with Uma Sankar the Sun yogi from India!! Swami ji takes us down his path to Sun yoga and receiving prophetic visions from the Immortal Mahaavatar Babaji in the Himalayas. ...

AIRED: 01-25-2020

dont miss an epic show of meditation and magic with Dr Richard Allen Miller and host Ra Castaldo ...

AIRED: 01-18-2020

In the first hour Ra Casaldo discusses what it means to be born behind the veil,or what some call a caulbearer. Ra dives deep into his experiences and discusses the false matrix and technological singularity. In the second hour friend of the show Masaki Miyagawa joins the discussion to discuss his lineage, orgone pyramids, and...

AIRED: 12-28-2019

tonight’s guests is Robert Sullivan, Robert is a 32nd degree Freemason, and author. Tonight’s discussion Robert touches on some topics he doesnt really get to talk about much, his personal experiences with the paranormal. Robert explains his paranormal encounter at one of the most haunted locations in the world, as well as a UFO encounter...

AIRED: 12-14-2019

don’t miss tonights show…In hour one Ra Castaldo discusses spiritual moments of ecstatic visions from Anna Maria Taigi, and the Mysterious Sun that would give her prophetic information. Also the Underground temples of Malta and his visions regarding its spiritual technology and its complicated and intense past, as well as the prophecies of Mother Shipton....

AIRED: 11-30-2019

Dive deep into the spiral with tonight’s show featuring host Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne as they discuss the waters above meeting the waters below bringing two worlds together. From this interdimensional activity emerges Atargatis, the mother of Semiramis, the mother of Sirens and other Nephillim hybrid Sea creatures. Did Atargatis/ Derketo arrive...

AIRED: 11-23-2019