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AIRED: 09-21-2019

tonight was mind boggling information with host Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne who is the author of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. They discuss the Multi-dimensional Origins of Sorcery and who or what the Watchers/Grigori/Fallen Angels are. Did the actions of these creatures change our Universe and the World forever?? Is it leading to the destruction of mankind and the harvest of souls??? Do these creatures guard dimensional portals and all magic rites because they are the very ones who introduced this spiritual technology into our Realm? Does NASA and CERN interface with these beings…..Ra and Gary tackle these amazing questions and more inside the Eye of Ra in tonights episode !!! in the first segment Ra discusses the Vril society and also his experience with a crystal skull and a 60 ton Rose Granite megalithic sacred structure in North Salem NY. Than for next 1.5 hours Gary Wayne joins the conversation and delivers amazing information and dot connecting like always!!!
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Ra Castaldo discusses those that are born with the caul still around them at birth. The caul is the amniotic sac from inside the womb that is a veil for the head and face. Do babies born with the caul possess psychic powers??? Also discussed is the psychic investigations of underground cities of the dead....

AIRED: 11-16-2019

In hour 1 Ra Castaldo brings very intriguing information than in hour 2 Jorge Martin joins the discussion to talk about new cases he’s been working on in Puerto Rico. Interdimensional activity, Missing Planes, and people and so much more!!! ...

AIRED: 11-02-2019

Ra Castaldo dives deep into the Otherworld, deep into the realm of the Fae. Ra discusses the various races and technology of these interdimensional creatures and how theyve been hunted for this very tech. The use of this replicated technology on our population, to harvest souls, convert millions, and enchant relics etc!!!!Ra also discusses Lake...

AIRED: 10-26-2019

tonight’s show was and intense discussion between host Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne that will blow minds!!! The amount of information that was unloaded is truly mind-boggling. This is one of those shows that one listens to several times and each time gets even more out of it!!! A deep conversation about secret...

AIRED: 10-19-2019

tonights show host Ra Castaldo discusses his experience with Red fireballs in the skyy, of Pure Energy, and how is telepathic connections and research has accelerated ever since this experience. Also discussed is various blueprints he was shown of places lake Hawara Egypt that seem to verify the writings of Herodotus and other historians like...

AIRED: 10-12-2019

dont miss this amazing info ...

AIRED: 09-28-2019