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AIRED: 09-21-2019

tonight was mind boggling information with host Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne who is the author of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. They discuss the Multi-dimensional Origins of Sorcery and who or what the Watchers/Grigori/Fallen Angels are. Did the actions of these creatures change our Universe and the World forever?? Is it leading to the destruction of mankind and the harvest of souls??? Do these creatures guard dimensional portals and all magic rites because they are the very ones who introduced this spiritual technology into our Realm? Does NASA and CERN interface with these beings…..Ra and Gary tackle these amazing questions and more inside the Eye of Ra in tonights episode !!! in the first segment Ra discusses the Vril society and also his experience with a crystal skull and a 60 ton Rose Granite megalithic sacred structure in North Salem NY. Than for next 1.5 hours Gary Wayne joins the conversation and delivers amazing information and dot connecting like always!!!
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AIRED: 09-19-2020

Ra Castaldo discusses the War between Technology and Spirit on the Planet and how music can help unite the world and raise us to a higher vibration! Music of a higher vibration, 144,000 harmonic resonant frequencies . Discusses the Bill and Ted recent movie, and A.i futuristic encounters in the past! as well as personal...

AIRED: 09-05-2020

Very interesting show tonight with guest Joshua Shapiro, who is a crystal skull guardian and Author. Joshua discusses his work with various crystal skulls , his NDE / intergallactic travels while he was in a Coma, and visions he has been shown about the times we are living in right now . He shares what...

AIRED: 08-29-2020

Ra Castaldo ended up doing a solo show tonight, Roger Spurr from mudfossil university , tonight’s guest, was on the line but was having technical difficulties connecting, forces were trying to keep them from speaking, home phone wouldn’t connect to station , skype wouldn’t connect, so Ra Castaldo went solo and discussed his recent megalithic...

AIRED: 08-22-2020

Tonight was really an amazing 2 hours of radio. In the first segment Ra Castaldo discusses his prophetic visions about a time when darkness will fall on the Earth and Feline humanoid beings will return and use a harmonic sound type technology to bring humanity to a higher vibration ! How he has been receiving...

AIRED: 08-15-2020

tonight had an amazing energy and intense information with longtime friend and guest of the show Maria Wheatley. Tonights show takes place on August 1st which to the Druids is one of the sacred holidays of the year called LUGHNASADH. Ra and Maria discuss the various Ancient sites of England , the amazing Earth energies...

AIRED: 08-01-2020