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AIRED: 10-01-2022

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re BACK thanks to a portable hot spot! (thank you Todd Medina for the recommendation!)

The last time we were on, we had Todd Medina with us and we had talked about numerous wild things that had happened for BOTH of us but if you thought the divine appointments stopped there, well, THEY DIDN’T! In this episode we talk about what happened to us following that and believe us when we tell ya that life can get truly amazing when you’re in the flow of things and not trying to direct the show. We believe that our sharing of what has happened with us and how we dealt with it will be useful and that you can apply some of what we have learned in your life to help you get through whatever you are experiencing with ease and grace and know that you will not only get through it but will come out the other side seeing the blessings offered through that experience because they’re there…all you have to do is be open to them!

We trust that you will have a beautiful week and we’ll see you again next Saturday and remember that WE LOVE YOU!! 🙂


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