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Nov 09, 2013

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Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.

On 10/28/2013, Tepco’s president had a closed meeting with the chairman of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) Tanaka.

From the rough minutes, Tepco’s president Hirose revealed the fact that they are already suffering from the shortage of the workers, which was the top of the list of decommissioning circumstances related problems.

Hirose stated they are struggling to collect both of the workers and experts. They are also troubled to improve the skills.

I reject the international mass media to read this site without taking a contact with me.I know some of the mass media corporations read Fukushima Diary to understand the trend so they know when to report about Fukushima as if they were independently following it for a long time.
In short, they make you individual readers pay for this site while they pay nothing, and when they publish the “authorized news”, you pay for the “secondhand news”, which is nothing new for us.
This site is free for the individual readers, but not for corporations.In the world, this site is nearly the only source about Fukushima. I came here alone without any supporting organizations, background or anything. I’m not pleased to be exploited by the corporations that didn’t even properly report about Fukushima when 311 took place. I demand them to take a contact with me BEFORE reading this site whatever the purpose is.

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