AIRED: 10-25-2020

Yes, that’s a photo of Hunter Biden with a crackpipe. Our Great guest today, Jim Fetzer predicts a straight sweep by Trump and Republicans on November 3. We break down voter demographics, Biden’s dementia, and embarrassing lack of enthusiasm for the Democrat ticket. “How do I change my vote?” trended on twitter right after the Second Presidential debate, as voters finally got to eyeball the physically debilitated Democrat nominee, Joe Biden, contrasted to the vigorous, active Trump who deftly spun policy mistakes back at Biden, after beating Covid in FIVE days. Fetzer argues the Democrat Left will be a broken doll after election day, and California voters will lead the way for Republicans to take back the House. Yes, Hollywood and Silicon Valley are throwing HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars in Dark Money at House and Senate races. It’s Not Working. . Our votes are Not For Sale. Our eyes are open to Tabloid trash talk from Trump-hating media, Fetzer shows why so much of those prognostications completely miss the mark. Everybody should go to youtube and check out “Weekend at Biden’s” for a brilliant video satire of Biden’s dementia and handling by craven Democrat elite, who desire an empty body in the White House that they can control. Whatever your political philosophy, we urge EVERYBODY to GO VOTE in what has been hailed the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime.

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