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AIRED: 01-29-2021

–Physicists revise Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. The new version leads to contradictions in quantum theory. Scientists are stumped by the implications. And speaking of cats…

–Using machine learning MeowTalk instantaneously translates your cat’s meows into one of nine general cat intents; these nine intents represent cat moods and states of mind and are as follows:

– Happy/Content
– Defense
– Angry
– Attack
– Mother Call
– Mating Call
– In Pain
– Resting
– Hunting

Alan Holman:
​haha. The app is called “MeowTalk.” I heard about it on a news show, they talked about how scientists made it. It’s been quite interesting.

​Sophia would probably help the cats destroy the humans

Dan Morris:
​@Alan Holman and everyone. I’ve become more vocal and contributive because I’ve realized that these guys take a lot of shit for our entertainment! I want to encourage all the silent listeners to help

Alexander Lightwater:
​Great talks in Stream and Chat again. Thanks everyone. B Blessed.

Truly, THANX for the Super Chat Wars today, y’all! It was phenomenal, and much appreciated! The Alan Holman, Dan Morris, Tommy That Flat Fellow, Liz The Iron Maiden!!!


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