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By Luckee

Sep 30, 2015

Free internet and Freedom of speech on internet outs Western Media for the liars they are! It also exposes the truth of what is happening live around the world rather than making the people on the planet depend on government mouthpieces.

The coverage on the 30th September shows the blatant bias of MSM against Putin and Syria’s Assad. 

Seemingly stunned reporters on the MSM maintain that Homs has no IS (ISIS ISIL IS whatever) there. 

They don’t recall that they were just reporting how gays were being executed by ISIS in Homs!

No ISIS Where Russia Is Bombing–Except Last Week, When ISIS Was Killing Gay Men There?

Photo allegedly showing ISIS killing a man in Homs, Syria, for homosexuality earlier this year (Daily Mail, 7/23/15)

Photo allegedly showing ISIS killing a man in Homs, Syria, for homosexuality earlier this year (Daily Mail, 7/23/15)

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia suddenly escalated the stakes in his contest with the West over influence in the Middle East on Wednesday, as Russian pilots carried out their first airstrikes in Syria….

Russian officials and analysts portrayed the move as an attempt both to fight Islamic State militants and to try to ensure the survival of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Russia’s main ally in the Middle East. But Homs is not under the control of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

New York Times (9/30/15)

A Syrian opposition activist network, the Local Co-ordination Committees, said Russian warplanes hit five towns—Zafaraneh, Rastan, Talbiseh, Makarmia and Ghanto—resulting in the deaths of 36 people, including five children.

None of the areas targeted were controlled by IS, activists said.

—BBC (9/30/15)

The Islamic State jihadist group executed nine men and a boy it accused of being gay in central and northern Syria on Monday, a monitoring group said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the jihadists shot dead seven men in Rastan, a town in Homs province of central Syria, “after accusing them of being homosexual.”

—AFP (9/21/15)


From Sputnik with Tweets embedded

The Soros-sponsored “White Helmets,” one of the largest NGOs operating on the territory of Syria, is busy with cooking up lies instead of protecting the human rights of the Syrian people.

The “White Helmets,” a controversial quasi-humanitarian organization, is playing dirty in Syria: the NGO has been spotted fabricating “evidence” of Russia’s “disastrous” involvement in Syria.

The organization has published a photo on its Twitter account, depicting a bleeding girl claiming that the poor child was injured together with a number of civilians during the Russian airstrike launched on September 30.

“Russia strike in Homs today. 33 civilians killed including 3 children and 1 @SyriaCivilDef volunteer,” the organization’s tweet reads.

However, the false claim was immediately exposed: Twitter users discovered that the photo of the wounded girl was actually taken on September 25, 2015, five days ago.

The White Helmets in their haste to point the finger of blame at Moscow, managed to tweet about Russia’s air strikes several hours before the Russian Parliament actually authorized the use of the Air Force in Syria.

In her recent interview with Sputnik, investigative journalist and peace activist Vanessa Beeley pointed out that the White Helmets (formerly called the Syria Civil Defense) was not created by Syrians and certainly does not operate in Syria’s interests. Funded by the UK, US and the Syrian Opposition Party, the controversial organization works mainly with the rebel group Jabat al-Nusra, the infamous al-Qaeda affiliate.

“White Helmets demonizes the Assad government and encourages direct foreign intervention,” Beeley told Sputnik.

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the numerous false reports about civilian deaths due to Russia’s air strikes in Syria on Wednesday are a part of an information war now being waged against Moscow, according to the Russian Kommersant daily.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing? Soros-Sponsored NGO in Syria Aims at Ousting Assad, Not Saving Civilians


After Putin secured Parliamentary approval for the use of force in Syria, The US was warned to clear out (Putin doesn’t want war with America), and the air strikes commenced against Islamic State.


Reports of Rumors saying a Russian General barged into the US Embassy in Syria and with fists raised, demanded the US Air craft leave the area.  While laughingly untrue, it was still repeated on American Mainstream Media Channels.  Below I pasted the actual tweets from the US Embassy in Syria, then the tweets of Sec. of State Kerry. 

(1-3) A Russian official in #Baghdad informed US Embassy personnel that Russian aircraft would begin anti-ISIL missions today over

(2-3) The Russian official further requested that US aircraft avoid Syrian airspace during these missions.

(3-3) The US-led coalition will continue missions over #Iraq & #Syria as planned, in support of our int’l mission to degrade+destroy #ISIL.

The US supports any genuine effort to fight ISIL, however we will not be confused in our fight against ISIL with support for Assad.

If #Russia‘s actions reflect a genuine commitment to defeat ISIL, we are prepared to welcome those efforts.

We would have grave concerns should #Russia strike areas where ISIL-affiliated targets are not operating.

Coalition will continue air ops as we have from very beginning. We have conducted strikes against ISIL targets in #Syria over last 24 hours.

All one needs to do in order to know what Russia is up to, is follow them on Twitter

Gee whiz, is it that easy?  Yeah. So the reports of major traffic jams around the Pentagon makes one wonder.  How is this a surprise? Was the DoD also surprised by the Russians using air strikes?  Surely not! If they were, then America is in deeper trouble than can be imagined.

I refuse to watch the MSM news channels except for entertainment. Trump was on FOX’s Bill O’Reilly (used to be called ‘no-spin zone’ teehee)show and Trump was happy Putin wants to do something about it. Trump seems to understand precisely who the enemies are, mostly mercenaries and outlaws.

Also in the alternative media we find that VT outs Western Media for the liars they are!

Israel Lies Debunked, Russia Releases Combat Video of ISIS Strikes

Gordon Duff goes even further to expose the lies perpetrated and even outs Alternative Media Channel InfoWars!

Israeli Russian Threat Hoax Pushes World to Brink of War


The crazy map that nobody understands isn’t the half of it. We also caught DEBKA, the Israeli black propaganda group tied to Stratfor and InfoWars, doing something crazier still.

They claim the Saudi Defense Minister announced today that if al Qaeda didn’t successfully defeat Assad, they were going to send in troops.  Of course, that is providing Yemen leaves some Saudi troops alive.

We know this, Russia is deploying advanced air defenses over Syria quickly including the Golan region where Israel has staged air assaults on behalf of ISIS, the assaults President Putin mentioned as his only issue with Israel.

Today, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yalon announced that Israel would continue attacking Syria, an announcement we believe is predicated on the success of the Mossad’s black propaganda “charm offensive” that is now flooding the mainstream media, or at least the lowest rungs.


I get more real news from Twitter and from the hosts here on TFR than I would ever get from the MSM.  Journalists today have much to be ashamed of, for they have been complicit in spreading the lies these death dealers told. The Gov has said it was doing so much to stop the terrorists we see now within hours of Russian Parliament approving the use of Air Forces in Syria, how effective a true anti-terrorist operation is. One tweet sums that up for me:

Now for that lying traitor McCain. He and others have been funding, arming, and assisting Islamic State terrorists for years! TFR has been covering much of McCain’s activities, from the massacres in Ukraine to the dirty deals done on the Navajo Nation. 

Watch this video and see how many lies you can spot in it. I could have sworn that it was a federal offense to lie like this in the house. This treacherous bastard must be convicted!