Truth Frequency Radio
Dec 12, 2013

syracuse-new-york-police-animal-control-endangered-dog-rescue-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationSyracuse (WSYR-TV) – A police officer’s duty is to protect and serve – and on Tuesday, they answered an unusual call in the city of Syracuse.

City dog control officer Jason Driscoll was trying to reach a dog, stranded at the bottom of a steep hill on the verge of falling into the Onondaga Creek.

“Right on the edge, holding on with his claws and the closer we could get, you could tell he was just getting more nervous,” Driscoll said.

Syracuse Police responded too and the group cut a hole through the fence. Driscoll squeezed through and crawled down head first on his hands and knees as officers held onto his feet.

“We were all so afraid that maybe he would fall into the water himself,” said Syracuse Police Officer Rebecca Thompson. “He got on the ground, it’s very slippery – all moss – we lowered him down and he got the dog, and we sort of dragged him back up.”

Syracuse Police had officers down the creek too so they could grab the dog if he fell into the fast moving water.

The dog – which is still shaken up – is now in the care of the DeWitt Animal Hospital.

They don’t know who the dog belongs to, but they’re trying to find his home.

The dog was wearing a collar, but it’s unclear if he has an owner.

If you have any information about who the dog belongs to, call the DeWitt Animal Hospital at (315) 446-1200.

Syracuse Police officers Mark Vella and Jeff Fleming also helped with the rescue of the dog.