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Nov 09, 2014

www.forterietimes.ca_2014-11-09_13-27-20By Sarah Ferguson, Fort Erie Times

When Kay Green handed out 1,000 cupcakes Friday, it was “pure magic.”

The Fort Erie resident baked the scrumptious treats in honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day.

For the last five years, the Niagara Community Foundation has encouraged residents across Niagara to do good deeds for others, and only ask recipients to pay the kindness forward.

Green and her husband Marcus decided they wanted to distribute cupcakes. Making the cupcakes was a major undertaking that took Green and her family about 12 hours to complete Thursday afternoon.

“This is addictive,” Green said about Random Acts of Kindness Day. “It has become our family’s favourite day of the year.”

“By the end of the day, I swear you’re left with the idea that anything is possible,” Green said.

“People pay it forward and I’ve gotten e-mails from people telling me things that have happened to them.”

Green, along with her husband, made a stop at Peace Bridge Public School Friday to include their children in the events.

Green’s daughter Morgan handed out cupcakes to her schoolmates along with help from her fellow Me To We Club members.

Over the course of the last five years, Green and her husband have handed out chocolates, coffee cards and flowers with Morgan and their son Artie.

“We have done it (participated in Random Acts of Kindness Day) each of the five years in its existence,” Green said.

“Two years ago , our daughter was recovering at McMaster Children’s Hospital on Random Acts of Kindness Day. To be in a children’s hospital on Random Acts of Kindness Day is humbling beyond belief.”

Green said her daughter had surgery “the day before and she was so determined” to continue the family’s tradition.

“She got into her wheelchair. It was really painful. In the ward, kindness spread through the pediatrics department.”

Morgan delivered “little bags of Hershey’s kisses with a little note that said ‘You’ve been hugged by the Green Family.’ I’ll never forget it.”

“The difference that a little kindness makes is huge.”