AIRED: 05-10-2020

“No matter how paranoid or conspiracy minded you are, what the government is doing is actually worse than you imagine.” Today’s favorite guest Scott Bennett delivers a powerful, punch by punch account of General Mike Flynn’s bitter fight for total exoneration this week. Scott goes deep into the corruption of the law firm, Covington and Burling, whose partners Attorney General Eric Holder and his Assistant Lanny Brewer ran DOJ for the Obama/BIDEN Administration, while their law firm used its legal muscle to protect a global network of terrorist financing for its clients. Intertwined with stories from his own judicial travails, Scott can be justifiably proud for his sit down meeting with Mike Flynn’s brother and world class whistleblower attorney, Sidney Powell, mapping out the conflict of interest of Mike Flynn’s legal team. It was Scott Bennett who exposed how the Covington Burling law firm was systematically working against Flynn’s interest to protect their cash cows. Intrigued by Scott’s extraordinary revelations, Flynn’s brother hired Sidney Powell to take over Mike Flynn’s legal case. The Deep State was stunned when Mike Flynn withdrew a guilty plea, and Sideny Powell forced the FBI to acknowledge editing the agents’ 302 reports of their interview in order to justify indictments. Scott’s story is told in the book SHELL GAME.

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