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AIRED: 02-03-2019

Magan and Matthew “M” were my guests. They are experts in Cryptocurrency and the Global Economic Reset. We discussed the historical and current state of the economy. Then, we discussed the future of the economy. Believe it or not, the Earth is part of a 42-planet Federation that is now working and trading together to free the human race from the dark Syndicate of Lucifer that has kept humankind in captivity for thousands of years. 2019 is the year everything breaks free. Tune in and find out.
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History is written by the victors. You know that. The losers don’t have access to the printing presses, or the libraries, or for that matter to the internet anymore. The world has been ruled not by law, but by tyrants for thousands of years. Until America was founded. That declaration of independence was only possible...

AIRED: 07-14-2019

Does A,I, have soul? A heart? Would you believe there are forces on Earth who are sending data back to the past? Who decides what data gets sent back? Who gets to benefit from this data? Hillary Raimo is a brilliant and creative intellect with experience in digital currency, information technology, She is an artist,...

AIRED: 07-07-2019

So, now you know the truth about Kamala Harris? She is an anchor baby, not born to American citizens. She was not bused in California. She went to school from the 3rd grade until graduating high school in Canada. She is not black. She slept her way into politics, and cheated her way into Barbara...

AIRED: 06-30-2019

There are some out there who are saying someone very powerful has been setting a complex trap for President Trump in Iran. They attacked six oil tankers. And then, as you all know, Iran shot down a Global Hawk Drone. What if Trump was the one setting the trap? Why? Well, I’m glad you asked....

AIRED: 06-23-2019

Jordan Sather is a nationally renowned educator, filmmaker, YouTube influencer, speaker, and inspiration to thousands of people wanting to become stronger, more conscious versions of themselves. In doing his part to assist in the Great Awakening of humanity, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of content views on the internet through...

AIRED: 06-16-2019

Two State Senators and the younger brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton were the latest casualties of the Global Syndicate. Investigators were getting close to uncovering a massive child trafficking ring and the gold laundering routes the Clinton State Department utilized to process stolen Libyan spoils from Hillary’s assassination of their President. The Deep State is...

AIRED: 06-09-2019