AIRED: 05-17-2019

WARNING! This show contains dark subjects like SRA aka Satanic Ritual Abuse and may trigger listeners!!!!!. I talk to Tara Allgood Saunders on her experiences with mind control programs and how to heal through mind control trauma with The 12D Shield technique, we also discuss her ET experiences and the NAA Negative Alien Agenda, who The Guardians really are and the mechanics of dimensions, if your a Starseed, Indigo or Lightworker your gonna resonate with this info. We also talked about Lisa Renee and Ashyana Deanne and their amazing knowledge.Tara Allgood- Saunders, aka “Tu’Takana” is product of the Indigo Hybridization program, a Multigenerational survivor of Project Bluebird and one of the original whistleblowers on Project Ibis. Tara is a transdimensional medium and telepath, with a degrees in both Psychology and Metaphysical Science who works with other project survivors as an Intuitive counselor. She’s become an individual diplomat for peace and has some very candid insights regarding what’s going on behind the scenes in the Secret Space Program and Disclosure effort. Her understanding of the Ascension process and passion for giving a voice to the spirit in the Earth and nature regarding the topics that effect ALL beings on the planet are profound. She’s coming back out after years of staying low key due to her personal healing journey secret nature of much of her work, and will be happy to help be a voice of clarity and reason among survivors in the disclosure community.


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To a coherent, clear and energetically balanced person, when reading words or being exposed to Splitter Tech script, it feels like your brain is getting scrambled and thoughts are scattering, and maintaining clear focus is nearly impossible. It also is sprayed as implants to divert attention and focus within a group environment, as one person...

AIRED: 12-10-2022

The message of the Yanas, Founders Races, IAFW, GA and Guardian Angelic Races of the Emerald Covenant. Beloved Sleeping Angels,You are Loved beyond all knowing.You were born free into Density and the worlds of manifest illusion, from the Love of Cosmic Source that is your Home. Beloved ones, Choose well… Choose Love… and then Choose...

AIRED: 08-20-2022

ROOT RACES, THE MAHARAJI, ANGELIC HUMANS,THE PRIESTS OF UR. VOYAGERS, THE SLEEPING ABDUCTEES by ASHAYANA DEANE. Tonight i look into our history and the many root races we originally came from . From La-Muria to Atlantian times there have been wars between many different races.The priests of Ur developed advanced mastery over spiritual and scientific...

AIRED: 08-06-2022

Tonight i talk about the book The Sleeping Abductees by Ashayana Deane. quote “What Others Are Saying About Voyagers I…“The X Files is nothing compared to this book. It fell into my lap at the perfect moment, when I was discovering a subconscious part of me that had experienced alien abductions since a young child....

AIRED: 07-30-2022

The Science of the Law of Resonance and Consent. Tonight i talk about about where Abortion really came from and the consent that has been violated here. Accumulative Value of Intent The sum total of the energetic intention behind the accumulated thoughts or words that we have said in the present moment, is more important...

AIRED: 07-23-2022