AIRED: 12-21-2018

Special Guest Holly Kennedy House and I discuss her ET Contact experiences and as a TEEMREEED member of one of the most famous cases of ET (aka “Eban” and “Pearhead nicknamed “Freddy”) contact by Dr Jonathan Reed. We discuss the conversation about ET’s between Dr Jonathan and The Pope, and the physical attack by Reptilians and how “Freddy came to the rescue. We also discuss Holly’s role as a Producer of Jose Escamilla’s movie about The Moon and her experiences as a record producer in Nashville . Also mentioned is my ebook SUPERCONSCIOUS a self help book on tools and techniques on self empowerment, how to heal and protect from negative influences, real personal photos of ET’s and so much more, from my website below



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Michael Lee Hill – Ea – Rainbow Warrior Eagle is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and Michael seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video...

AIRED: 03-15-2019

This extraordinary man who needs no introduction is the grandfather of the esoteric knowledge moment. We discuss his life story , how it started and the many paranormal events in his amazing life including ET contact and prophetic messages. Jordan reveals how he met Anthony J Hilder at a Hollywood party with Orsen Wells and...

AIRED: 03-08-2019

This week on THE NIKKI COLOMBO SHOW ON TFRLIVE.COM TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO 9 pm Fridays PST And 12 Midnight New York time and 4 pm Saturday Australia time we have special guest Duncan Roads . The owner and editor of NEXUS Magazine, and founder/director of Duncan has extensive knowledge and personal experience in the...

AIRED: 03-01-2019

Adam Ford graciously filled in at the last minute for David Icke tonight. We start by broadcasting our personal voice mail messages which reveal the passion and disgust at the decision for Australia to ban David ICKE. WARNING!!!! THERE IS LOTS OF SWEARING SO NOW YOU KNOW HOW AUSSIES REALLY TALK WHEN WE ARE PISSED...

AIRED: 02-22-2019

World renowned international dot connector and speaker David Icke joins me in a discussion on the correlation between DNA, Genetics and the world wide AWAKENING happening right now on the planet. We discuss the manipulation of humanity, V2K aka Voice to Skull technology and how we are being deceived through the electromagnetic field of the...

AIRED: 02-15-2019

>Fearless Frank Castle one of our hosts on Truth Frequency Radio reveals what Lucifer looks like and what goes on in the other dimensions. We discuss his life story and how he became the multi dimensional Neo Shaman he is today. This show is jammed packed with ET information including Greys, Reptilians,Thoth, Sekhermet and more....

AIRED: 01-25-2019