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Sep 02, 2014

4.bp.blogspot.com_2014-09-02_15-46-08Observed; Gold Coast ‘Hot Spot’ of UFO Encounters

By Reissa Su, IB Times

An increase in UFO sightings has been observed across Queensland with Australians calling from all over the state to report what they have seen. According to Sheryl Gottschall, president of UFO Research Queensland, Gold Coast is the “hot spot” of UFO sightings.

In a report by Brisbane Times, Gottschall revealed UFO sightings in the Gold Coast on Aug. 29. A UFO has reportedly been spotted in Cairns in the previous week while others swore to have seen a flying object in Childers.

Gottschall said the group receives about 100 reports a year across Australia while others go unreported. For Australians in Brisbane who want to report UFO encounters, a Facebook page has been set up. The Brisbane UFO Sightings page allows Facebook users to post their own photos of UFOs as a record of their sighting.

One image posted on the Facebook page showed a silver disc-shaped object floating in the sky. The photo was reportedly taken in Wooloowin on May 23. A letter from the Queensland Police Service dated July 18 was also posted on the page containing a response to a person who called the police because he saw three, bright, white lights hovering over houses in Wooloowin.

Queensland police later on concluded the lights were presumably the “result of EKKA lighting tests” but their origin remains unknown.

Gottschall, who claims she saw five UFOs and experienced one alien “close encounter” said the growing interest in UFOs and alien life had prompted the emergence of “skywatch” groups. She said it is a gathering of people who will watch the skies for any sign of a UFO.

Gotschall attended a skywatch organised by the Paranormal Awareness Community founder Kristy Buist on Sept. 1. She said the 35-year-old woman from Redcliffe reportedly saw her first UFO when she was 11 years old. Buist remembered seeing a group of three UFOs flying over her school in NSW. Her teacher, who was also her stepfather, witnessed the same incident. Buist described what she saw as three platinum-colored objects with the shape of diamonds floating in the sky. Since Buist’s first UFO sighting, she has encountered three more UFOs.

The skywatch participants will be on the lookout for strange movement in the sky including the appearance of bright lights moving one direction to the next in a matter of seconds. Australians who have seen something not of this world in the night sky are encouraged by Gotshcall to contact UFO Research Queensland.

A man from Childers had called the organisation to report seeing strange lights in the sky on Aug. 14. The caller said the lights were as bright as the sun. The group is considering travelling to Childers to investigate the report.


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