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AIRED: 01-24-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this one medical expert’s opinion: “Perhaps the biggest reason for refusal is the widespread misinformation and ridiculous conspiracy theories that have been circulating. Some people still don’t believe the pandemic is real. They think we’ve been lied to. They think masks are useless or even harmful. Some think the virus is harmless and the vaccines are making people sick. It’s not enough to correct the misinformation by providing true information because they have no reason to think the true information is more reliable than the false information they’ve accustomed to hearing. There is a distrust of science, of authorities that will be difficult if not impossible to overcome.” Who said that? Harriet Hall MD. And I have a funny feeling we’ll be hearing from her later. Oh yeah, bet on that.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery has determined it’s been over a year since questions of the jab have been raised. We were silenced, banned, removed, and cancelled, and now suddenly… dot, dot, dot.


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