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AIRED: 02-07-2017

Mark struggles as the phone lines fight him during the first segment, quite a few dead air breaks, but he powers through and redeems himself during the rest of the show. If you can bear with the gaps, the callers get quite good!




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Military background information; Retired U.S. Army 23 years Artilleryman, Platoon Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, and Observer Controller Trainer (OC) for the West Coast of the United States. Earned U.S. Army Artillery Master Gunner certification from 18th FA (ABN) BDE Ft. Bragg. N.C., graduate of Advance Non-Commissioned Officer Course (ANCOC) 1993 at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. Author: The...

AIRED: 12-01-2020

David Beverley, former NASA employee, strong Christian and conspiracy theorist comes on to discuss what’s happening the world right now and what is to come! Will we continue down the path to vaccine oblivion? Is there hope? Can the masses be awoken before it’s too late, or is the matrix going to be destroyed? Listen...

AIRED: 11-24-2020

Mark & Karen discuss the new wave of lockdowns sweeping the country, the election still in doubt, and take calls from the Flat Earth faithful. Will the year spiral into a draconian dystopia, or will it just burn to the ground? Listen in and make your own decisions ...

AIRED: 11-17-2020

There is a new platform coming in social media, one that is promising no censorship. It’s called Liiighthouse and it will be released in December 2020! Mark & Karen talk with Sean Griffin who has helped put this all together. Will the big media groups snuff them out like the car company Tucker? Will they...

AIRED: 11-10-2020

Mark & Karen cover the 2020 election live! As predicted, the election states went back and forth with nothing being decided in the two hours. Is it all planned? Is the election just like any other professional sporting event. The short answer is yes. We also talk about the temporary shut down of BitChute on...

AIRED: 11-03-2020

Karen B and I take calls from the FE conference 2020 South Carolina attendees and ask them about their favorite moments. Too many calls and great stories. Mark also gives his conference speech and BONUS rant about how he was left off the official t-shirt. ...

AIRED: 10-27-2020