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AIRED: 12-13-2016

As the year starts to wind down, Mark takes more calls from a diverse Flat Earth age group, and answers emails from the great FE community. Join the fight, change the world!

website: enclosedworld.com

website: enclosedworld.com

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Mark acquired a stress related head cold this week, so his co host for the show is US Army Master Gunner Brian Burton! We take calls from the flat earth faithful, and talk about what’s been happening in the real world for the last week. Nasa lies, bad space headlines, and Logan Paul! ...

AIRED: 03-19-2019

Who literally has the biggest head in Flat Earth? It’s this man, Jeff Grupp! He’s been a regular guest on the show since 2015, has multiple degrees, and now is a pastor for a prison ministry. Tune in while Jeff unpacks his size 8 3/4 head for the first three segments, then takes calls for...

AIRED: 03-12-2019

Mark was double booked for a interview, so Karen B and master gunner Brian hijack the show for the first 90 minutes! They take calls, beat down trolls, and keep the Flat Earth moving along. Mark calls in and takes control in the last segment and closes the show. Long Live Flat Earth! ...

AIRED: 03-05-2019

Mark gets back and reports on the QE2019 conference in Los Angeles. Behind the Curve documentary made it to Netflix and lit up the internet. How did the Flat Earth community respond? How did the media respond? Where will Flat Earth go in 2019? I’ve give you a hint, hide the children! ...

AIRED: 02-26-2019

We bring on Karen B from the YouTube channel of the same name. The first mainstream documentary Behind the Curve was just released on Netflix, and the media exploded. Reviews, criticism, outrage. Did it help that YouTube told the government they were going to start censoring FE videos? Yes it did. Karen chimes in, as...

AIRED: 02-19-2019

Flat Earth continues to roll through the internet. As of this show, the Flat Earth Clues are now four years old, and so much has happened in those brief years. Celebrities, media, meetups, conferences, and a full blown Hollywood documentary! Where will we be a year from now? Join us and find out. Type Flat...

AIRED: 02-12-2019