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AIRED: 06-14-2022

For the record, I love the people that tune into this show, mostly because it gives me some hope for the future. All of you listening now represent the last of what I like to call objective enlightenment. You are the red pills, the blue dots, the insane truther community that spreads misinformation and even as I type that last sentence spell checker can not resolve the word truther because currently that term is not recognized by the authority.
While most of the world sleep walks their way through existence never questioning anything, the people on the other side of this particular stream look at everything with somewhat different eyes. They observe the days with skeptic colored glasses and always squint at the narrative.
You are the lucky ones, the oh so fortunate few that can discern what is true and what is probably just another story tied to our conditioning.

website: bitchute.com/markksargent

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