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AIRED: 03-08-2016

Mark reads a whole bunch of emails from listeners to the show. Always interesting as questions are answered, and short testimonials given. Is the world really flat? Tune in and find out

website: enclosedworld.com

website: enclosedworld.com

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A woman at the LA times wrote this week: I know unvaccinated people who even now eat indoors at restaurants, get facials and do other “normal” activities. Without a universal mandate, they will never wear a mask unless they sense they will be caught because they are unvaccinated. Even being fully vaccinated, I find this...

AIRED: 06-15-2021

The architects of the Great Reset are bringing formidable powers to bear in the war against the public. We are able to sell smartphones, sodas and cars at high prices to almost every American. But we are struggling to give life-saving shots away for free to the same people. That’s a marketing failure that must...

AIRED: 06-08-2021

Employees of any industry can ask to be exempted from vaccination requirements because of sincerely held religious beliefs or because of disabilities. But legal experts say employers can still require the shots if an unvaccinated person would pose a direct threat to others in the workplace, or if accommodating him or her would be an...

AIRED: 06-01-2021

Our quote of the week is this: “It’s my prayer that more and more people who get vaccinated are going to be listening to people who they love, and they’re going to say, ‘Why don’t you just go ahead and do it?'” JOE BIDEN. Dating sites are now pushing that people list if they have...

AIRED: 05-25-2021

Mark & Karen speak with Stephen Carpenter, lead guitarist of the rock band Deftones! Turns out Stephen has been with the Flat Earth community since 2016 and recently reached out to us! We brought him in for an entire show and he talks about his journey, his music and views on life. Tune in and...

AIRED: 05-18-2021

We used to demand that decisions regarding our own body were exactly that, ours. Now the table has flipped and the masses are demanding that we give into peer pressure. The CDC keeps upping the stakes and the discussions have gotten louder. How does the country convince people to take the shot. Do we offer...

AIRED: 05-11-2021