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AIRED: 09-12-2015

Mark and Johnathan interview Rob Skiba about Flat Earth and other fun things. Rob is part of the TFR network, a strong Christian, and a great guy.




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Quote of the day goes exactly like this one thing; “There are lies, there are damn lies, and worst of all there is what is happening now.” Who said that? That’s a combination of Mark Twain and me. So yeah I sort of plagiarized but I sort of came up with something new. | Meanwhile...

AIRED: 06-06-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this one thing, “He had the Gift of Gab but now he has the gift of jab.” Who’s that? Ah I’ll tell you later. Who said that? Me that’s it, that’s who said that. I came up with that. It’s corny but hey it works and I didn’t...

AIRED: 05-30-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this short thing. “Welcome to Episode 400.” Let’s not waste time on with the show. | Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery is reflecting on the last eight years. “Eight years ago it was said people wouldn’t listen. Eight years ago it was said it wouldn’t last.” We’re talkin’ about...

AIRED: 05-23-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this, “Vegas baby, Vegas.” That’s for Karen and if you haven’t figured out what the show is called, it is called ‘Viva Flat Earth’ and you’ll know why here in a second. | Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery’s quote is, “You can’t buy happiness but you can go to...

AIRED: 05-16-2023

Quote duh, quote of the day goes exactly like neither of the two things mentioned above uh, “We are deeply concerned about the transition of Brazil and China to National currencies when conducting mutual settlements. This is a violation of the rights of American citizens who rely on a stable dollar exchange rate on the...

AIRED: 05-09-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this one thing, “Everything you have been told about the new artificial intelligence model is either wrong or a lie. And tonight I’m gonna try to explain it to you.” Who said that? Well me obviously. | Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery quote for the day is, “Sometimes it...

AIRED: 04-25-2023