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Feb 13, 2013

Newspaper: Louisiana sinkhole swallows another 5,000 square feet (PHOTO)

ENE News

Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: Feb. 12, 2013

Earlier today, there was a slough in at the sinkhole. An estimated 50 x 100 foot section sloughed in on the southwest side of the sinkhole. The slough in does not affect Hwy 70 as the event occurred on the opposite side of the sinkhole.

Title: Assumption sinkhole gets bigger Tuesday
Source: The Advocate
Author: Bret H. McCormick
Date: Feb. 12, 2013

[…] Parish officials reported another slough in the sinkhole Tuesday morning, estimating that the sinkhole swallowed a 5,000-square-foot section on its southwest side. […]

Strange Noises Coming From Within Louisiana Sinkhole

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Last month, seismologists reported increased seismological activity near the sinkhole, which ended after the sinkhole “burped:”

“Scientists noticed more than 80 such events on Jan. 18, but activity dropped after the sinkhole ‘burped’ crude oil, debris and hydrocarbon to the surface the next morning…”

Just last week, however, there were even more reports of increased seismic activity.

And Then There Were Noises

Now, a couple YouTube videos have popped up, recording strange sounds emanating from the area of the sinkhole. You can see the first one above, and here’s the second:

In regards to the first video, one YouTube commenter said:

“I heard that sound in Va. last year. It felt it was coming from above, was night time”

The “booms” sound like a drum, occurring at regular intervals, and share a lot in common with many of the other “strange noise” videos we’ve seen in the past.

Sometimes, odd noises can be heard as plates shift beneath the Earth and gas releases. A few commenters also suggest that they may be caused by nearby drilling or other man-made sounds. Or, as with some of the other videos, they could be hoaxes.

For now, though, you can file this one under What the heck is that?

Because, regardless the origin/validity of the sounds, the situation with the Louisiana sinkhole is very real.

Expert: “We’re actually starting to see fractures occurring in this disturbed zone at the surface” around giant Louisiana sinkhole (VIDEO)

ENE News

Title: Public Briefing 2/6/13 – Part 9
Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date Published: Feb. 7, 2013

Will Pettitt, general manger of Itasca, a worldwide firm specializing in rock mechanics:

This is our initial estimate of the maximum extent of that disturbed zone.

At the moment we’re putting in all our effort to try and understand the exact structure of this. […]

As you can see, it flows out from the cavern 3 and up to the surface around the sinkhole.

And what I think we’re seeing now is we’re actually starting to see fractures occurring in this disturbed zone at the surface.