AIRED: 05-16-2021

A staggering and sober conversation about Israel’s apartheid against Palestine. Israel’s attack on Islam’s sacred Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, during Ramadan no less, look like a calculated effort by Bibi Netanyahu to manipulate Joe Biden’s puppet handlers to Israel’s defense. If so, it has backfired. While most U.S media stays silent about Israel’s brutality against the Palestinians, those Americans paying attention refuse to sacrifice more blood for Israel. Zionist violence has ignited fiery Arab reactions across Europe. In Egypt, ordinary Arabs are flocking to the Sinai trying to enter Gaza to defend the Palestinians. Lebanese security forces arrested several individuals firing rockets into Israel’s territory. This time the United States and Europe will NOT ride in to rescue Israel’s malignant apartheid state. American Jews are not likely to forego the comforts of American peace to rush home for battle, either. Israel stands alone.

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AIRED: 10-30-2022