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Oct 21, 2013

‘Have a nice day’: Cop caught on camera frisking man for ‘saying hello’ is put on admin duties after new video emerges of him knocking over kids’ basketball hoop

  • Philadelphia cop caught on camera knocking basketball hoop over
  • Officer taken off streets as internal investigation is launched
  • Latest video comes week after same officer captured telling men ‘all you do is weaken the f—ing country’ after being stopped in the street

Daily Mail

A Philadelphia police officer has been pulled off the streets after a video showing him bullying kids emerged – days after he was caught on camera interrogating a man for speaking to his neighbour.
The short clip shows Philip Nace of the 25th District knock over and break a basketball hoop in the street before telling two kids witnessing the act to ‘Have a good day’, while his partner adds: ‘Jesus loves you’.

It comes after the 46-year-old was secretly recorded in a confronting scene with two men who stopped in the road to speak to someone.


Philadelphia police officer Philip Nace has been downgraded to admin duties after a video showing him knocking over this basketball hoop was uploaded to Youtube.

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