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AIRED: 08-28-2021

Do no miss this amazing , action packed episode!!!! Friend, Colleague and fellow Cosmic Shaman , Stephen Popiotek joins the discussion tonight to help bring awareness of the literal Battle we are facing for us to once again be on the road to a Cosmic Harmonic evolution ! Its been about four years since Stephen has last been on the Eye of Ra show, and long overdue ! Mr. Popiotek bring the heat, as both host Ra Castaldo and Stephen connect the dots with one another, having both been in similar metaphysical circles in NY, they flow and compliment each others information very well, as they drop bombs of information, that is truly Mind-boggling!!! Stephen and Ra discusses covert agencies, Sirius B, Lion’s gate, military abductions, parallel worlds, 9 Earth’s , and how their coordinates are superimposed on each other and bleeding thru, and so much more!!! Stephen goes into deep detail of the parallel world he calls Trinicon , his connection to Secret government projects and how he has now dedicated his life to helping others recover and move on from Ritual Abuse, Psychic warfare, Black Magic rituals and various other forms of dark spiritual work !! this is 2 hours of mind bending information you don’t wanna miss!!! You can contact Stephen on Facebook, or email him @ [email protected] to set up consultation/reading. More information about Stephen is also at my website


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After a few weeks of being off air, Ra Castaldo is back live with an amazing 2-hour broadcast on New years , January 1st 2022. Ra Castaldo discusses his upcoming new projects, his recent Interview with Pro MMA fighter Luiz “the Joker” Azeredo and about a rare encounter with a Great Grey Owl back in...

AIRED: 01-01-2022

Longtime guest of show Mr Gary Wayne joins us for an exclusive conversation about the mysterious bloodline of the Biblical Noah, and the many global flood stories that seem to even be prior to the biblical flood . Host Ra Castaldo usually has one show a month or one show every other month dedicated to...

AIRED: 11-20-2021

unfortunately the first 30 minute segment did not record, we may have to repost, but this show contains groundbreaking information related to Ra Castaldo’s findings while doing Cosmic viewings inside of Copper Faraday Cages. Shown a region beneath the Sphinx of Egypt that is related to a Binary Blue Solar intelligence inside the Eridanus River...

AIRED: 11-13-2021

Ra Castaldo releases groundbreaking information , and an inner peak into his recent Galactic Remote viewings regarding the Cosmic movements of various objects like Comet Leonard , the “Christmas Comet”. Ra was shown what he is calling a higher density Arcutrian Bridge formed via the Cometary Tail of Leonard and the Star/Sun Arcturus , and...

AIRED: 10-23-2021