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AIRED: 09-01-2018

tonights show was amazing and had a great response from the chat room and viewers. In the first hour Ra discussed stargates on our planet. He discussed how the energy of these spots have changed over the years….from one civilization to the other. Also how the Hopi have done certain rituals in Canyon de Chelly that may have changed the energy of the location. in hour two guest John Herlosky joins the discussion to discuss his work as an expert remote viewer learning from pioneers such as David Moorehouse and Ingo Swann. Dont miss this!!!!!


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Did the Nephilim receive premonitions of their demise? Ra Castaldo and special guest Gary Wayne discuss the Book of Giants, the Book of Enoch, the Holy Bible and so much more that discuss this incredible topic! some of the best radio you can possibly hear on this subject on the planet!!!! ...

AIRED: 11-19-2022

Incredible show with long time guest Gary Wayne and Ra Castaldo discussing the very Origins of Tartaria, and the Ancient Tartarian Empire. Do not miss this very interesting and thought provoking two hours of radio that you can’t find anywhere else in the world ! ...

AIRED: 10-08-2022

Ra Castaldo had taken September off from radio because lions gate was a huge event and new beginning, and this is his first show back! this is a monumental show and action packed with ancient Tuscan Knowledge , dont miss this! ...

AIRED: 10-01-2022

Back after a few weeks off for Summer Vacation, Ra Castaldo host, author, spiritual warrior and creator of healing products brings back long-time guest and colleague, Mr. Gary Wayne of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Gary is a researcher, author and Christian Contrarian, creator of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Tonight’s show is simply mind-blowing, action packed with so...

AIRED: 08-27-2022