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Oct 13, 2013

Starbucks Employee Chad Bosquez’ Kindness Helps Hartmann Family Dog’s Miracle Recovery

Huffington Post

Chad Bosquez wears a Pokemon belt to work.

The 24-year-old Starbucks supervisor keeps the fun and eccentric belt on while he makes drinks, oversees employees, and operates the drive-through at a Seattle store. Sometimes, he forgets he’s wearing it — until a customer points it out.

Nic Hartmann complimented the Pokeball-festooned belt while he and his wife, Jessie, were waiting in their car for their order one afternoon in September.

“Thanks,” Bosquez replied. “I have a matching tattoo, too.” They struck up a conversation that ended with Bosquez inviting the pair to a Pokemon league he and his fiancée run. But Bosquez soon realized that a newly hired worker still hadn’t gotten the Hartmanns’ order. He quickly made the last drink himself, gave it to the couple for free, and wished them a nice day.

About a week later, a coworker told him that a customer had left a note.


“You may not know this,” it reads, “but the day you gave us that free drink and chatted to us about Pokemon, we were about to go put our dog down. Because of the positive energy of people like you, Rocky is now alive and recovering. Thanks for your kindness.”

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