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AIRED: 03-05-2022

Our guest this week was SO much fun!

Stacie Naglestad is head coach of TYA (Trust Your Abundance), which is a mindset practice that David Strickle co-created with The Stream’s guidance; it is the practical application of the Stream’s teachings. Rooted in universal law, The Tya Practice is an upgraded operating system for your life.

Stacie gave some of her background and how she came to find TYA, which she credits with being a total game changer in her life! We chatted about being addicted to the downward spiral which everyone can find themselves in, and how to get out of it. We also got into getting stuck or blocked, trauma bonds, how we can perpetuate victimhood by staying stuck in our story and SO MUCH more! You know us…we also threw in plenty of opportunity for laughing and lots of it!! We truly feel that you will get a lot out of this show so give it a listen. You just might find something that will help you in this fun filled conversation!

Until next Saturday, we hope your week is fantabulous and whatever you do, don’t forget that we LOVE you! 🙂


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