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AIRED: 03-20-2021

Spring Equinox show with regular guest Gary Wayne , tonight is a mind-blowing show , St Patrick Unveiled like never before ! Nephilim Bloodline Druid Powers of St. Patrick , Was a Nephilim Cosmic Intelligence steering the course and powers of St Patrick? 33 Resurrection Miracles , some from people that were already dead and buried , who was St Patrick ? Did he have Nephilim, Rephaim , Elemental, and Fairie Folk intelligences assisting him? Access to Inner Earth Dimensions?
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Tonight’s guest, Paris Tosen, is a friend and long time guest of Ra Castaldo’s shows, even prior to being on Truth Frequency radio network, Ra, had a show on the para x radio network called Spiral Radio, where Paris was a guest several times, also Paris has appeared here inside the eye of Ra on...

AIRED: 09-18-2021

author,artist, investigative journalist Jorge Martin reports the ufo activity and anomalous activity that has been happening in Puerto rico. Arecibo, el Yunque Rainforest, San Juan , Gargoyles in Puerto Rico , Genetic hybrids ...

AIRED: 09-04-2021

Do no miss this amazing , action packed episode!!!! Friend, Colleague and fellow Cosmic Shaman , Stephen Popiotek joins the discussion tonight to help bring awareness of the literal Battle we are facing for us to once again be on the road to a Cosmic Harmonic evolution ! Its been about four years since Stephen...

AIRED: 08-28-2021

Ra Castaldo gives an intense broadcast discussing the Lions gate portal activation of 8:8:2021 and how its connected to 8:8:1991 Lions gate. This is a time when quantum leaps of change, cosmic data, genes, can be switched on, and accessed ! One of the most powerful Natural Cosmic gateways , and possibly the most powerful...

AIRED: 08-07-2021

Host Ra Castaldo discusses how thru music, and creativity he discovered how humans can make Cosmic connections, receive transmissions , exchanges of data if our Bio Energetic System our Consciousness reaches a certain Harmonic resonant Frequency. That he was communicating with Feline /Leonine intelligences that are fractal , fragments of his own Cosmic Journey. Some...

AIRED: 07-31-2021

Great show as Ra Castaldo and guest Gary Wayne discuss the technological advances, the energy grid and humanity being prepared for the coming end times . Is the Ancient Queen of Heavens rising once again to bring prophecies of doom , in order to harvest souls ? Are the Nephilim rising once again by taking...

AIRED: 07-17-2021