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AIRED: 05-18-2019

June approaches and the CHOICES of the MAY energy are IGNITING everyone to unparalleled soul searching ! YES!
Every-thing is literally heating up and this is on track for the IMMINENT and Massive June Ascension Energy Attunement/Re-alignment.

More and more are experiencing physical and/or emotional challenges, repetitive dark nights of the soul, time slips,
inter-dimensional distortions and MORE. The illusion is using ALL OF these experiences to stimulate FEAR thus calling you back into polarity and the familiarity of density consciousness. THIS IS A TRAP…
It is, by its mere existence, an ACCELERATOR of your DIVINE MASTERY PRESENCE!

Illusion is also weaving a journey that is focused upon inhibiting your upliftment through fear, labels and judgements. THIS IS A BIG MOMENT … PLEASE JOIN US!


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AIRED: 06-08-2019

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AIRED: 05-25-2019

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