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AIRED: 08-07-2021

Todays show was an absolute blast!

We came across Debbie Garcia while watching a podcast that included last weeks guest, Neo Positivity, and said to ourselves that we had to get this energetic spiritual dynamo on the air with us! Debbie too is well versed in the Law of Attraction and of course on a spiritual path.

We talked about many aspects of the Law of Attraction as well as some of the things that we’ve picked up on our journey along the way. Debbie shared quite a bit of her past leading her to this point. Believe us when we say that her road has been filled with many obstacles and hardships, at least some of which you can likely identify with. If you are having a rough time know that, like Debbie, you “can” get through them provided you take the first action step and choose to! Along with some wonderful sharing of experience and wisdom, there were TONS of laughs and a little bad karaoke singing mixed in! Debbies website listed below is a great place to get more information of how she can assist you on your path and a great resource of helpful knowledge!

Thank you soooo much for allowing us to share your precious time and until next Saturday, remember that WE LOVE YOU!! 🙂

website: spirituality-gone-wild

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