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AIRED: 06-29-2019

A intense energy and amazing transmission in tonights show!!!! Ra Castaldo discusses the spiritual technology that’s been seeded on this Planet and how we need to remember how to interact with theses energies and complete Eden. We are in a realm of duality ….Are we put here to learn how to balance duality???? Ra also discusses his recent spiritual visions revealing information about these various spiritual powers. Has our Higherdimensional spiritual residue been duplicated by the Quantum Nachash and injected into this realm and become what we know as artificial intelligence, modern technology, quantum computing???? Has this replication of our spiritual residue now been weaponized and turned against us at an ever increasing rate????Do not miss this show!!!!! It may change your belief system…it may rattle your mind!!!!Ra has already received many amazing emails from you fellow truthers out there after this show!!!!! dont forget to support and subscribe!!!!!Keep us live every week and you can join Ra’s patreon and donate at his website themysticalspiral.com to help with much needed equipment etc!!!!! Really old computer needs replacement!!

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Ra Castaldo delivers an amazing show, unfortunately the last 15 minutes of the show had technical difficulties, being we lost internet service for the last few minutes. but the first hour and 45 minutes went amazing!!!Was a really intense show filled with information you cant find anywhere else! Ra Castaldo discusses the various bloodlines who...

AIRED: 07-23-2022

the Vedic Wars, various bloodlines who chose to break spiritual and cosmic law, exploring the siddhi powers, using them to manipulate the world, greed, materialism, telepathic control and warfare. They used various rituals and substances for superhuman levels of serotonin and melatonin to glow like a Shining one , a Shem Ur. Consuming the star...

AIRED: 07-16-2022

amazing show tonight, Ra Castaldo dives deep into the origins of the ankh and Coronal mass ejections. Ra discusses being monitored by the military during summer solstice at the North Salem Balanced rock of NY, and his intense remote viewing of the Great meteor of 1783 and the origins of Manna. ...

AIRED: 07-02-2022

After talking several weeks hiatus Ra Castaldo is back in full force and delivers an incredible show! Is mankind shedding their humanity ? Are we being sent codes, impulses, and various other data through meteoric stones ? The oldest form of religious worship goes back to the worship of fire and the worship of stones...

AIRED: 06-18-2022

Ra Castaldo brings incredible information you won’t be able to find anywhere else ! A Council of Suns, the meteor messengers and cometary messengers of God, Baitylos stones, watchtowers of the grigori in Sardinia and so much more discussed. Discussing this weekends blood moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, and what kind of energy will be...

AIRED: 05-14-2022