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AIRED: 06-13-2019

This week Johana & Kira DIVE into the VAST aspects and the myriad of challenges that ALL Spiritual Mother Energy holders experience.

This PERFECTLY TIMED show was suggested by a listener and you are always welcome to suggest your ideas for show topics as well!

Elizabeth shares: “There was an Insoulment, (mastery message through Kira Raa), years ago about how the requirements to be a good mother was out of balance on the planet. All women are mothers whether they have children or not. We are nurturers who give birth in many ways.

What is being a good mother at a higher frequency? What will mothering look like as we continue to shift?

What is the historic issue that the father, husband or adult son can lock the woman away if she is disagreeable with their plans? They will put her in the tower, the convent, the asylum, etc.” Both Kira & Johana bring practical life experience with these issues and Ascended perspectives to navigating them today!

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